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The history of grewe dates back to 1920, when the company was founded as a painting business. It was taken over in 1962 by Wilhelm Grewe, who pushed the changeover from the painting trade to the industrial production of car plates.

His son, Lothar, joined the company in the mid-1980s. Over the following three decades, father and son consistently expanded the company’s network of shop plate-making locations and the range of business activities on offer.

Lothar Grewe and his wife Silke Beulshausen-Grewe have been managing the grewe group of companies since 2014, and now that their nephew Christian Böker has joined the company, the next generation is already well represented in the business.

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Back in the 1960s, our family business specialized in the production of blanks for the manufacture of license plates. Today, we supply customers in more than 50 countries worldwide with everything they need for the production of license plates. License plate blanks in various sizes and designs, embossing tools, machines and extensive accessories are as much a part of our range as hot stamping foils and license plate fixings.

As an owner-managed SME, we take special pride in the high quality of our products and the personal support and comprehensive service we provide to our customers.

Thanks to modern technical equipment and three full-scale production lines directly on-site at our premises, we can react flexibly to short-term needs and produce individual orders at competitive prices.

grewe signage systems - your qualified partner, always pleased to advise you on how to get the optimal result for your needs.


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