International security license plates


We produce security license plates in a wide range of different sizes and designs. We are happy to implement any new regional specifications, we are always keen to find customer-specific solutions for special needs.

We can handle multi-color printing, laser marking and holograms for increased counterfeit protection. QR or barcodes are used for specific identification, and hot-stamping foils with labels can also make forgeries more difficult.

Manufacturers, for example, can be identified by a unique stamp or reverse side labeling. These can also be used to show proof of quality – just like DIN test numbers are used in Germany.

We also offer mounting screws with security caps for best theft protection.The security features we mention here only serve as examples – please ask us about specs you need to meet, and we will be happy to make you an offer. We can handle country-specific requirements for vehicle license plates, and also custom specifications for dedicated uses. We have a huge range of design options for various administrative sector uses, trades (e.g. taxis), military vehicles, diplomatic missions, airports etc. and for private uses, not to mention the full range of options for cars, trucks and two-wheelers.

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