1 becomes 2


Although our 1-color-flatbed-screenprinting-plant did a perfect job in the production process of car license plates, fun plates and warning marks, we decided to invest in a new screen-print-system by turn of the year 2014/2015.

1 becomes 2 means: We changed the 1-color- in a 2-color-screenprint-plant. Now not the flatbed process is used anymore, we changed it to a cylinder-screenprint-system with 2-color stations in a row.

The reorganization was a big challenge for the in house printing team and also for the machine builders, because our high requirements related to the custom specific specifications must also be available in our new plant.

Actually the reorganization is finished and for the future we are looking forward for a 100% operating grade of the new 2-color-cylinder-screenprinting-plant.

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